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Hi, I'm Amy!
Nice to meet you!

Of all the Enneagram coaches, why me?

Hi! I’m Amy, a heart-centered and multi-certified Enneagram Coach. I use the Enneagram and powerful coaching techniques to help wake you up and guide you through radical soul evolution. We’re not changing you: we’re revealing and empowering you. We’re not fixing you: we’re healing you. There has never been anything wrong with you and I can't wait for you to know that.


I’ve been on my own journey, discovering, exploring, and owning my own soul map, and it has led me here. I've worked as a lot of things through my life: I've run businesses and worked as a photographer, an animal rescuer, led a team of MLM beauty and skincare bad asses, and fulfilled demanding roles in corporate recruitment; every experience and role was enjoyable, but none of it felt quite like what I needed from my purpose. In other words, I was living, but I wasn’t the kind of alive that being aligned provides.


The one aspect I always treasured in whatever I was doing was the people. I love getting to know the personality, life experiences, and soul behind each individual. When I didn’t want to show up for myself, I showed up for others. I have learned two major things in my own soul evolution: I am dedicated to my craft, and I am dedicated to YOU. 


When you work with me, you’ll be working with someone who’s been educated as a...

  • Certified Enneagram Coach

  • Certified Quantum Life Coach

  • Board-Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Certified Quantum Group Coaching Facilitator

  • Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Certified Practitioner of T.I.M.E. Techniques

  • Reiki Energy Healer Level I

  • NLP Success Coach


Despite all of these certifications, though, I am a 2w3 who cares most about intimacy and connection. As your coach, our connection will extend beyond our conversations. Expect to have me dedicated to your heart and fully subscribed to the trajectory of your life’s journey. I will hold space for you. I will listen without judging. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. But I will also hold your ass accountable.

Let Me Be Real With You

So let me be real with you. I was lost for a long time. Or, rather, I had lost myself for a long time. I mean, I was living my life and, from the outside, everything was fine, but my soul was not okay. Over time, my core fears had taken the wheel, my deep desires were nowhere to be found, and my motivations felt all wrong. All the ways that I was not my best self trickled into my career, into my relationships, and into my past marriage.

I’m not sure if I was the one who found the Enneagram or it was the Enneagram that found me, but once I discovered my type, I felt VERY exposed, embarrassed and raw. Like someone had just shown the world all of my darkness. My hidden side. The side NO ONE ever sees. The side pieces that cause me endless shame. And that is a very common way to feel once you discover your type. 

I forced myself to keep reading (after slamming my laptop shut! HA!). I read up on common feelings, reactions, as well as the healthy and unhealthy behaviors of my type. And then, it came: a thrill of hope. I wasn’t alone! I wasn’t a “lost” soul; I was a misaligned one. 

But knowing my type was half the battle: the more I learned, the more I realized that knowing my Enneagram (and the numbers of those around me), I could re-align myself: make the unhealthy/unaware/dark sides a bit brighter and healthier.

I realized I wanted to give those in my life the same gift that I had discovered: knowledge and acceptance of self - and the daily desire to be - and stay - in soul alignment.


Your heart, your soul, your mind.
It's worth it.
You're worth it.

Re-alignment means paying attention to the needs around you, following what gives you joy, and noticing where those two things intersect.

I was tired of my own shit, and the more I learned - and healed my own wounded inner child -, the more I realized the women around me were tired, too! I committed to learning as much as I could about Enneagram theory, completing multiple certifications so that I could provide as much help to as many people as I possibly could.

If you know me at all (if you follow me on IG @alignedsoulco), you know I can’t help but be a hype girl. I started out helping friends, which soon became friends of friends and then friends of those! And seeing others experience that joy of discovery, that moment of feeling seen, that first breakthrough of a barrier - and an 8 saying “You should be getting paid for this!” - the Aligned Soul Co. was born.


  • I want to dig deep into the parts that we hide.

  • I want to help you see that softness is not weakness.

  • I want to help you find the confidence to use your voice.

  • I want to be a guide for transformative change.


And that starts and ends with being in alignment with who you truly are.

An introductory Enneagram Type Discovery Session to narrow down your core type is a great way to start your path of personal growth.

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