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Soul Aligned Life Coaching Sessions


Grow into your glow with a coach who’s heard it all. 

Our Life Coaching sessions will be informed by the Enneagram, but not driven by it. You are in the driver’s seat, and whatever you need is at the center of our sessions. We are 100% on your agenda. I myself have been coached on Instagram, my business, friendships, my career, communication problems, marriage, etc. Nothing is off the table for life coaching. With life coaching, we’ll still use the Enneagram, but I’ll implement specific coaching techniques to help you set and hit your goals; overcome adversities and stressors; work through things like boundaries and people-pleasing and releasing negative emotions. The possibilities are truly endless. 


My favorite part? When what you’ve learned can be practiced in a real-world situation. Conflict is scary. Unsettling. Not knowing what to do when it all comes crashing down can be seriously debilitating. 


But they’re also opportunities to apply exactly what you’ve learned in your Aligned Soul Coaching Sessions. Best part? YOU’RE NOT ALONE. You call up your girl Amy and we’ll talk about what’s going on. We’ll process it together so that, if and when adversity arises in the future (and I’m not in your metaphorical car anymore), you’ll have the confidence to navigate your soul map like a pro.

i promise
There’s a Method to the Madness

My ongoing life coaching sessions are provided online through Zoom so that support and guidance is only ever a click away.


Alright, babes, a few things...

Before you book Life Coaching Sessions with me, you have to make sure you’ve completed the five-session Soul Aligned Coaching Course first. 


Why? We need you to have a really clear understanding of your soul map. Once you’ve completed both the Discovery Session and the Coaching Course, you'll be in the BEST place to put all of these lessons into practice. 


It’s totally okay if all you want is someone to take you further into the theory and practice of Enneagrams, but most of the people who call on me are looking to work on something more specific: it could be a conflict at work or dissatisfaction with your career, or learning how to navigate life with a newborn, or communication breakdowns with your partner. 


Often, we end up seeing that what’s happening externally is a reflection of what’s happening internally: self-confidence issues, vulnerabilities, feelings of shame, or pushing too hard for unattainable perfectionism. 


All of these conflicts, stresses, and barriers - if not taken care of soon after they start - plant themselves within your natural self. Before long, you’re acting and reacting in ways you’re not proud of and, unfortunately, that’s a huge road sign that your authentic self is out of alignment.


As you master using the Enneagram, you'll see how it effectively highlights those mis-alignments, their reason for being, and the routes to take to set them - and yourself - back into alignment.

As your Coach, I’m here for you. Fully invested.
Where the Enneagram Soul Coaching sessions are pre-structured, Life Coaching is NOT

Basically, if you tag me in as your Life Coach, we’re adapting everything and anything to you and your needs. Best part? We’ll have all the Enneagram theories, triads, and all the NLP life-coaching techniques I love using at our fingertips. 


If you’re pretty solid as an individual, but need some support in your relationship, sessions can also be tailored to couples who want to work through something together; often for relationship conflicts, but also shared experiences like parenting, living together, and balancing work and home life. The three of us will all work through the process together - again, with the Enneagram at our disposal, but with your needs at the center. 


So many of the challenges and struggles we meet in life are rooted in our past, and the Enneagram can help us understand how those long term influences can form and take hold in our behaviours and patterns, but it also shows the direction back to alignment.


So let’s spend time learning all we can about the Enneagram and how it applies to your life and your relationships, but then plan for and create positive change. It’s time to bring you back into alignment. 


Is there a bump in the road? We’ll stop the car and assess any damage.

Weird sound in the car? We’ll take a break.

Tired of this car and want to work on buying a new one? Let’s figure out what you need to do to get it. 

Whatever you want to explore at the Aligned Soul Co.,


I' am so ready to start a conversation. Conversations are my favorite.

You might see a lost soul when you look into the mirror, but I see a soul just slightly mis-aligned. Let’s get you back into the driver’s seat of your wildly beautiful life.


Book an Enneagram Life Coaching Session with me today!

Life Coaching
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