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Discover all of yourself with a heart-centered, multi-certified coach


The Enneagram is a tool used for radical self-discovery and a way to be self-aware AF. Developed most recently by psychologists, it ties our 9 personality archetypes to our individual core fears and motivations and tells us how we interpret the world. 


You can find endless Enneagram tests online, but they are roughly 70% inaccurate. Your type can be influenced by so many thing and tests are typically asking about behavior and not motivation (which is what the Enneagram is al about). But going deeper with the guidance of a certified coach will help you start to uncover your core type so that you can work with it - not fight against it.


I see the Enneagram as a map of your soul. When you know where your challenges are (steep mountains that you can never quite climb over), the knowledge of your Enneagram type becomes a tool to help you prepare to understand and shift unhealthy patterns that keep you in the valley. When you know how to navigate through what’s holding you back, you find a way to move towards your highest self.

You can use knowledge of the Enneagram to improve communication with others and to help others improve their communication with YOU. It helps you find compassion, helps you know when someone is struggling and - most importantly - tells you when YOU are struggling. Your reactive behavior patterns are lifelong and run deep. The Enneagram tells you WHY you are reacting that way. The Enneagram helps explain WHY and reveals the driver behind our behaviors.

It's why we do what we do & why we react in different ways!

Just knowing WHY is the beginning of self-discovery. Once you know why, then what?

That's where I come in...

Learning how to use the Enneagram is the first step.
Which of the nine types are you? It isn't always straightforward to figure out, but starting to discover which type you are with a certified Enneagram coach can make the process a lot easier.


Which of the Nine Are You?


Each Enneagram type has a range of associated personality features including motivations, fears, “wings”, defense mechanisms, vices, childhood wounds, how we look in moments of stress and a clear path towards growth (and so so much more).


To start the process of finding your type, I'll send you a simple quiz, similar to many of the online tests, which will provide us with a basic understanding of which Enneagram types relate the most to you. 


This is only the START of our journey together, though! With those quiz results in hand, we'll go through a one hour session together over Zoom to dig deeper, with the objection to give you at least 2-3 types for you to walk away with to narrow down to your core type.


For some, discovering their type feels like taking a fresh, cleansing breath. It can feel illuminating and inspiring. For some, they’ll appreciate being seen and understood - and validated. For others (like me), they might feel exposed and uncomfortable. It might bring up feelings of failure. You might slam your laptop shut and not come back to it for days. Or maybe that was just me ;)


By the way - how you respond to knowing more about your Enneagram is probably influenced by your type, so to have a certified coach with you to help you navigate that knowledge in a way that is healthiest and most productive for you is exactly why I offer this session.  


We are all influenced by our personality types, wants and needs, and identifying yours is the start of a huge journey into deepening and applying that understanding so your decisions don't only make sense, but always lead you towards your highest vibration: soul alignment. 


Start understanding yourself by finding your Enneagram type

Knowing my type helped get me back on the road to re-alignment. It answered long held questions, and helped me see routes to resolving conflicts, taking control of my career, strengthening relationships, and how I could help others do the same; sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective, or a new direction to explore.


I'm a fully certified Enneagram coach trained in helping people discover and explore their type, and coaching them through using that understanding to reach their goals and desires, overcome fears and barriers to their more true soul alignment. 


Whether you have concerns at work, in your family, in yourself, or simply want to explore, the Enneagram & I are standing at attention for YOU. 


Sessions can be booked in the evenings and at weekends so it's easy for you to fit in around work and other commitments; it's easy to start diving into the Enneagram with the Aligned Soul Co. today

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