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Enneagram Life + Soul Coaching

Explore your soul’s map with Enneagram Soul Coaching

Time to Get to the Truth:

Who Are You? 

When I first discovered that I was a 2w3, I immediately wanted to know more; what drove me, what was I avoiding, what patterns had I picked up over time, where did I have room to shift (spoiler: almost everywhere).


Most importantly - once I knew all of this, how could I put all of it into practice into my everyday life? How could I and the people in my life benefit from this work that I was willing to undergo?


I didn’t do the work alone and neither should you. There are so many aspects of the Enneagram to learn about, but the 8 session online Aligned Soul Coaching course is custom-tailored for your type so that you can have all of your burning questions answered with a certified Enneagram coach to help guide your way.


I'll take you deeper into the details of your own Enneagram type and how it relates to other people, situations, and experiences, explain all the key terms and concepts behind Enneagram coaching and guidance, and start showing you how to take control of this deeper understanding of yourself to start shaping your life, relationships and experiences that is in full alignment with your best, highest, and most badass self. 


Enneagram Life + Soul Coaching:

Eight Sessions

In this series of eight, pre-structured sessions, you and I will go deep into the details of your type and how understanding your own patterns and behaviors can be the very thing that breaks the negative feedback loop that you keep finding yourself in.


We can take control of the negative patterns and direct ourselves towards a life you can be so very proud of. I hope you know we’re talking about liberation here. Real freedom from that which makes you feel anything less than you.


By looking at your motivations, fears, struggles, influences, and needs, our sessions will help you resolve conflicts and points of confusion at work, at home, and within yourself so that you can live a life you’re proud of - not always trying to hide away from. 

This could be really, really, really hard for my perfectionists and people pleasers out there, so please be sure to know that there is NO SHAME in looking at the shadows. We’ll pull whatever is hiding in there up into the light, together, and it’ll be easier to carry.

Other sessions will go into important concepts like wings; how other Enneagram types that can influence yours; the childhood messaging that can still drive forward or hold back the adult you, and a few of the many triads of personality types that help you understand how to cope with conflicts or develop relationships.


By the end of our work, you will have a much deeper understanding of yourself, the underlying Enneagram personality that shapes how you respond to the world, and a plan for how you can continue to apply these lessons to be a boss in your daily life. 

Anything less is not acceptable


If it doesn't bring you an orgasm, inspiration, or income…

 it doesn't belong in your life.


The cure for unworthiness is self-love. But it’s hard to find the time, or the ways, to love yourself when life is demanding all of you - and more. Life can be tough work, especially when some part of you is shifted out of alignment or unbalanced by conflicts, stress, or feelings of inadequacy or weakness. 


You know when you see someone get angry during rush hour, or indignant at the register, and swear that’ll never be you - but then it is? Conflict triggers behaviors in us that we may not be proud of. And when you’re in the middle of the mess, and keep reacting in ways that you know don’t align with who you truly are... it can be hard to know how to get out of it… especially when you see how it’s impacting your life at work, in front of your kids, or within your marriage.

Stop carrying shame. Stop playing it small. 

You are capable of setting healthy boundaries.

You can learn to say no.

If you’ve been told you’re too sensitive. If you lack confidence and worthiness. If you don’t even know your own needs because you repress them and always put yourself last. 


I see you - the woman who wants to stop playing it small, step into her power, and finally use her voice.

Enter: Soul Coaching with your girl Amy.


Enneagram Soul Coaching a la “Powerful AF” Amy provides the framework, tools, and fresh perspective that's so important to understanding how you got somewhere, why you're there, and what you can do about it. Your soul map.

I've helped people who were feeling burnt out by their career, had been tired of struggling to communicate with their partner, or felt weighed down by the responsibilities and demands of parenthood, and time and again I've seen my knowledge of the Enneagram to help people release themselves from feelings of shame, vulnerability, or perfectionism.

It's always about finding the way back to your authentic self, to life balance and soul alignment. Understanding how the Enneagram can work for you - by navigating your type through expert coaching - provides you with a tool you can rely on in any situation to provide you with the groundedness and confidence to move forward regardless of circumstance - and being proud of the way you handled it. It’s all about knowing you’re committed to being your best self. The cost? The Work. The reward? Inner peace and bad bitch vibes.

I provide all of my soul and life coaching online over the evenings and weekends so you can easily fit sessions in around work and other commitments. If you've already completed your Enneagram Type Discovery Session and want to dig deeper into your soul map, then Aligned Soul Coaching is the ideal next step: It takes just a few clicks to start the process. Book the Five-Session Aligned Soul Coaching Course Today!

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