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It’s time to find your way back to you.


here for you...

When your soul is out of alignment, it’s hard to know who you are or where you’re heading. It can feel hopeless. Scary. Uncertain. Shameful. I know, because I’ve been there.

I’m so excited for you! Being here means you’re ready to know more about what the Enneagram can do for you so that you can find your way back to YOU. Instead of holding the REAL YOU back, or sabotaging yourself along the way, being here means you’re ready for soul alignment. You’re ready to shine in EVERY part of your life. And I am so here for it. 


Hi, I'm Amy

Welcome to Aligned Soul Co.

I'm here for the realness and for the impact the Enneagram can have.


I myself was lost for a long time. Or, rather, I had lost myself for a long time. All the ways that I was not my best self trickled into my career, into my relationships, and into my marriage.

I’m not sure if I was the one who found the Enneagram or it was the Enneagram that found me, but once I discovered my type, I felt VERY exposed, embarrassed and raw. Like someone had just shown the world all of my darkness. My hidden side. The parts that were always supposed to be a SECRET.

Over time - and multiple coaching certifications - I realized I wasn’t a “lost” soul; I was a misaligned one. There was never anything wrong with me just like there has never been anything wrong with you.

With work, support, and lots of education, I found the difference between when I’m sabotaging myself with unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and when I’m in alignment.

The result? A balanced, authentic, happy Amy. That kind of freedom is liberating - and I want that freedom for you. 


As a certified Enneagram coach, I help others learn about their own Enneagram type through a range of coaching sessions. By applying the methods and strategies in our Soul and Life Coaching sessions, we will find your way back home to yourself. 


Enneagram Exploration Sessions

The Enneagram is a map of your soul. Yah. I know. Powerful. 


Anyone and everyone who wants to coach with me commits to discovering, and exploring, their type, which essentially means we’re climbing mountains and hiking through forests and overturning rocks to get at the heart of you. 


I’ll send you a quiz to complete, and the results from that quiz will help guide us both through a one hour online session where I ask questions that get to the heart of your desires, fears, and motivations. By working together to explore your type, we’ll get closer to figuring out which type you are and go over the basics of what that means so that we can proceed from there. 


Once you know your type, we’ll move into Enneagram Coaching: five pre-structured sessions, based on your individual type. Each session comes with a custom guide based on what we’ll discuss in that particular session, like wings, personal development, growth, what you look like in stress, communication, inner childhood wounding messaging, etc. This is how we’ll understand our core motivations. 


The reason I want everyone to go through Enneagram Coaching first is because that’s when you’ll start to understand why you do the things you do. Your soul map will become clearer. It’s hard to know where to go if you don’t know where you are.


Once we’ve completed five Enneagram Soul Coaching sessions together, then you unlock the opportunity for Aligned Soul Life Coaching. 

Ready to read your soul map? Learn more about Enneagram Soul Coaching


Enneagram Soul Coaching

Who *actually* has all their sh*t together?


I celebrate those who DON'T. The people who are trying. The people finding balance in the imbalance.


It's time that we as a collective STOP glamorizing the life of a woman who doesn't need or accept help and who has it all figured out. We're ALL figuring it out, again and again.

We ALL deserve to be supported.


At the same time, though, WE DO have to figure out how to get our act together.

  • This is a WE thing.

  • We aren't here to be stagnant.

  • We aren't here to be mediocre.

  • We aren't here to just get by.


We are here to be exactly who we are: imperfect, messy, learning, growing.

When you can face, and name, your deepest fears, give a big F U to your demons, and unlock your shame with a person who GETS IT…honey, that’s a perfect storm for unleashing your very best self. In fact, the very things we are trying to avoid are exactly what we need to embrace in order to grow.


But you do not have to do it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t.

Know what your soul is made of - without the guilt, shame, or blame - so that you can live in alignment with your highest self. Learn more about the five session soul coaching course.


In a couple? We have custom guides and sessions for you and your boo, too!


Soul Aligned Life Coaching

When was the last time you celebrated yourself?


We can become so focused on doing “the work” that we might not recognize when the work has paid off.


Let’s say we’ve gone through Soul Coaching together: you know more about your type, have named your typical behaviors, reactions, and learned about what’s healthy and unhealthy for your type - in light of your own personal experiences. This is an important part of the process; think of it like learning the rules of the road. You know what signs to look out for and when to hit the gas and when to tap on the brakes. 


But Life Coaching means that it’s time to drive - and you might be going down new roads you’ve never gone down before. Why go it alone? 


You tell me where you’d like to go, I help create a roadmap based on what we can expect from your type and BAM, we’re traveling down this new road together. I’ll make sure to let you know when you can be more fearless or when you should take a break at the next rest area. Most importantly, I’ll bring the snacks. 


All analogies aside, I'm here to help anyone who has completed the Soul Coaching sessions to dive deeper into the Enneagram, or to help guide them using it to work on things like resolving conflicts at work, with your children, or in relationships; alone or as a couple going through the coaching together.


Life Coaching takes our theoretical discussions from our Soul Coaching sessions into real life mode. I’m with you during the conflicts, the shame and guilt that might come up while you’re enforcing boundaries that are necessary but feel uncomfortable… anything and everything in the name of unlocking and releasing the best, most honest, and most real you. 


Life Coaching is no joke: expect us to address feelings that arise as a result of burnout, shame, vulnerability… everything that will come up as we unlock your authentic self. Understanding your motivations, needs, and fears helps us know you better; putting that knowledge into practice is what will help you BE yourself - your aligned self. Say goodbye to the old you in the rearview mirror; we’re going somewhere better, sister - and I’ve got the snacks.

Find new routes to soul alignment and inner happiness even when you think you tried everything:

Success Stories

If you are wanting to grow as a person and learn more about the enneagram world, message this amazing soul! Amy has helped me grow by encouraging me to dig deeper into my strengths and weaknesses as a type 7. She’s shown me how to find and understand my subtypes (game changer!) and is always willing to answer any questions I have! My teaching career, my small business, and even my personal life with marriage and momming have been positively impacted because of her help and advice! 


~Dianna - Type 7


Soul Aligned Life Coaching

Unlock Your Best Self through

Don’t tell my husband that I told you, but I am flexible.


Ha! But really. Even though the Aligned Soul Co. is based in Oklahoma (and you’re certainly welcome to visit, ya’ll), I provide all of my coaching, courses, and sessions online. Whether you need evenings or weekends, it's easy for you to fit a session around work and other things in life. Think of it as our recalibration, reflection, and further planning sessions. We have your map - and now we can figure out where to go - in the healthiest, most badass way possible!


The only way is through. When you have repressed and denied your trauma and experiences they don't disappear. Trauma is patient. Pain sits comfortably and waits. Your demons and darkness can't be ignored forever.


When you are finally ready to embrace them, it's NOT easy. When you are ready to look in the mirror past the surface and into the depth and shadows, it's WORK.


But it's your choice: Are you going to sit in the darkness or fight like hell to find the light? The only way is through.

Let’s help you through, babe. Ready to understand yourself - your patterns, your motivations, your fears, your desires - so intimately that you can change habits, overcome fears, and understand others, too? 


Openings are filling up fast, so book a session and let’s LIGHT. IT UP.

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